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three Australians and tiger

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Cast & Crew

The ‘full’ cast & crew of Northern Safari

Three Australians live a searing adventure in the deserts, mountains and rivers among the world’s most primitive relics.  They hunt and fish and have adventures, which would send most people screaming in terror as from their most awful nightmares.  And somehow they have learnt to capture it all on film.  The good-looking women co-adventurers, never without lipstick, act as camera hands, catch great sharks and gropers and endure country, which has killed strong men.

Keith Adams

Always a keen bushman and rifle shooter and all his life loved to go to the Gulf of Carpentaria to go fishing and camp out on the Islands.


After living in suburbia was totally different to travel through the outback with limited food and no shops. Finding it hard camping out and sleeping in the car and cooking over an open fire. Became very adept at rowing up on crocodiles mostly at night and always arrived home very fit.


Never more at home than with a fishing rod in her hands. Entering in 1988 the Toyota Fishing Expo at Orchid Beach on Fraser Island a male-dominated event. Cleaned up in the casting competition, was conducted on land over 80m, there were some red-faced characters that day.



A pedigree Fox Terrier who was remarkable and fearless always ready for action. However when back in suburbia had trouble trying to stop him jumping the fence and head out for new adventures.