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The Greatest Nostalgic Adventure Video Ever!
Travel outback Australia from a bygone era,
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The Greatest Ever, Australian,
Modern Day Adventure

In 1955, when Keith Adams loaded his wife, sister and dog into a highly modified Buick sedan for an expedition from Perth to the the Gulf of Carpentaria, it was the beginning of possibly the greatest ever, modern-day Australian adventure.  

The extraordinary movie he shot and created to document their travels, was the first real Australian nature film.

Long before Paul Hogan’s Crocodile Dundee, Keith Adams showed himself to be the real Crocodile Man of the Outback.

Set in a time when saltwater crocodiles were culled and harvested in the wild for skins, the DVD shows in graphic detail, the terror, the harshness and the wild nature of a remote outback, hardly touched by man.

icon of a bygone era

In the 21st Century, this film stands as an icon from a bygone era when Australia really was “the last frontier” of a simpler world. Keith spent many years and countless miles promoting and showing his film “back in the day”, traversing Australia, USA, Canada, England, South Africa and New Zealand.


There are many many “Baby-boomers” who saw this film the first time when at school. This is a tale about their Australia, a land which seems forgotten in a modern world of internet, GPS and iPhones.

The movie made him wealthy yet, even though he went from rural Aussie battler to famous adventurer, Keith was never more happy than when he was living off the land.

In 2012 the world said farewell to Keith.

The mantle of telling this “flipping great yarn” has passed to daughter Joanne.

When you buy a book or DVD, every single one has been sent to you direct from Keith’s family . . . order now and enjoy!


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The Northern Safari DVD is a legendary tale from a time when true adventure was found in the vast, unchartered outback, where roads were vague tracks and the natural wildlife abundant. 

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Northern Safari is the first Aussie Adventure film,
made by three remarkable Australians in a time, now fading from memory. 

Crocodile Safari Man
documents the lives, fortune and troubles of a family on the land in Australia. 

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