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“Variety” USA:
“Northern Safari” is a fascinating exploration film. Adams has given a highly articulate account of stark reality – An authentic portrayal of the laws of nature, where the viewer learns more about Australia here than he has ever known before.

“Stuttgarter Zeitung” Germany:
No matter how much one dislikes the use of the term unequalled, for “Northern Safari” it is valid indeed.

“Evening Argus” England:
A simple record of a magnificent adventure. Keith Adams has captured the vastness and the beauty as well as an infinite variety of wildlife – It will hold everyone spellbound.

“The Australian”:
A remarkable no punches pulled color film of the country and its wildlife – Take it for granted here’s a winner at the Cannes Film Festival – If it isn’t I’ll eat this page.

“Herald” South Africa:
Wonder, horror, pathos evoked by “Northern Safari” – I heartily recommend it as an outstanding example of fact that is stranger than fiction and a great deal more satisfying too.

“Auckland Star” New Zealand:
The best full length documentary so far made on Australia – A film replete with carefully researched data and teeming with some of the most unusual sights ever screened – Simply not to be missed.


“Citizens News” Los Angeles:
“Northern Safari” has a timeless quality about it – Its adventure with nature in a little known section of a continent that is today much like America’s Pacific Southwest was 100 years ago.

“Oak Bay Leader” Canada:
An arduous trek across Australia – shows nature as it really is, wonderful, amazing, beautiful – It is true reporting and that’s what makes this film so fascinating and well worth seeing.

“London Suburban”:
We in Britain, thanks to MR Adams, can sit in safety and see what the primitive world was like through the remarkable film “Northern Safari” – I was shocked and appalled to learn the way fellow film critic’s from the national papers ignored an invitation to see the film. To them I say, “You have missed seeing one of the best documentary’s of our time”.

“The Sun Herald” Sydney:
“Northern Safari” has a unique quality – it holds the attention like a bushman’s “true yarn”.

“Herald” Zimbabwe:
“Northern Safari” presents a fascinating picture of some of Australia’s extraordinary regions – For anyone interested in travel and nature it is an absolute must.

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BOOK REVIEW –  9/7/09

By Sam Garro “Retired Senior Bank Manager 40 years service”

I have just finished reading this book and it really is something. Before acquiring the book I thought it would be just an elaboration on Keith’s Northern Safari film with events perhaps that were not included in the film. His book however is much, much more than I expected and puts into perspective how Northern Safari came about.

I already had a deep sense of adventure from viewing the film and respect for what Keith had done but now after having read the book it left me with even more awe and greater respect. Apart from being interesting, it is a real-life account and a history of a family and a forgotten bygone era which is very important to me, but sadly is something our young people and future generations will never know or appreciate.

Keith’s life history in itself is quite remarkable and written in a way that I felt I had lived his life myself and travelled on the safaris.  How he did many of the things mentioned in the book and found the courage and drive is truly amazing and inspiring.  Accomplishing unbelievable feats seems to run in the family.    sgarro@optusnet.com.au


Nicholas Reckers – 13/8/09

Hello Keith

I would like to write and tell you that I’ve just finished your book and how much I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it very hard to put down and stop reading. I never did very well in school. I found evan to this day that reading and writing is not enjoyable as i am dyslexic. Your book it pretty much the fist book i have read since high school

I would like to tell you about how i got hold of your book. I’m 26 yrs old.A mechanic and I also live in WA. (Armadaile)I do work in Nhunbuy, which is in Arnhem Land. A few months ago a aboriginal boy drove a car into the local news agency and thought i would be a great idea to set the place on fire. Mostly everything was destroyed from the fire or the smoke. The bloke next to me was involved in the clean up. When he left here not long ago, he handed me your book and said “here, you might like to read this”

Your book was only slightly damaged (the plastic on the cover had just started to melt and had a very strong smell of fire. Upon opening the cover i found you had personally signed it. So i thought why not and began reading. I found it such a good insight to years gone and a time i will never know.
I also admire how you put in the positive reviews but also the negative reviews. This gave me the aspect of truth to your book.

I am also a mad keen four wheel driver and camper. I have a great love for the out doors in which i share with my partner and kids. So i just found your story very interesting. Just a great read. I also wanted to know how i can get a copy of your DVD?. I would love to see it after reading your book! Any way thanks for writing a great book and helping some one like me with Dyslexia. having something to read that was so interesting and captivating helped me to keep on reading it to the end. hope to hear back from you. PS . this took me a long time to type ha ha .cheers Nick


Richard Davison – 20/9/09

Keith, I have really enjoyed your book ‘Crocodile Safari Man’ this last week.  I think you have a direct and engaging style – not to mention more than a little of the cheeky young fella you describe so well in your writing!  I have plonked it on my daughter’s bed today and found her to already be a chapter or so into it, which isn’t bad for a sixteen year old on her way out with friends on a Saturday night I think.

I plan to get another copy of the book for a friend as a present and the DVD to make it all real.  Cheers mate, thanks for the experience.  Oh, and 110% and a gold elephant stamp for marketing both this and yourself right into the digital age.  Bet you never dreamed of this e-mail lark when you started splicing film in the lounge room all those years ago. Richard Davison (Port Lincoln, S.A.)

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